Nitches is focused on

Business Partners that are Innovating Outside of the Box

Nitches is Next Generation Apparel Manufacturing Authentication Featuring NFT/Blockchain Verification

A Selective Group Of Curated Brands

Our business model is anchored in a long-term vision that builds on the heritage of our brands and stimulates creativity and excellence.

Are You An High Value Influencer Without Mass Production Capability?

Manufacturing of large quantities of quality products for a low price.

Our team works with individuals that have large-scale audiences together with high-margin product opportunities. These are possibilities that most do not have access to. Nitches Corporation makes the impossible, possible.

Sustainable Businesses Are The Life-Blood Of The New Economy

10X Your Business Capital With Our Personalized Model

The Nitches Corporation, as a company committed to excellence, we believe that our integrity and ethics are the most important thing. Our sustainable businesses conduct ourselves with exemplary integrity and ethics in the conduct of our business and in our relations with all stakeholders.

Corporate Focus

Supporting Entrepreneurs & Designers

Finally, a company that breaks the mold for up and coming global minds.

Global Mass Production

Super charged access to the worlds best global supply chain.

Sustainable Solutions

Nitches Corporation believes that sustainable businesses are the key to the next generation.

Fabric and Clothing Scalability

Do you have the desire for high-level global production?

Fashion For The Fashion Specialists

Discovering Niche Overlooked Concepts & Businesses.

Preventing Counterfeiting using Nitches Ownership Verification System App

Nitches developed the NITCHES (Ownership Verification System) App to prove the authenticity of its exclusive clothing items from capsule collections developed with top celebrities and influencers. “We believe our NITCHES (Ownership Verification System) App is the first-of-its-kind in the fashion industry and an important step in preventing counterfeiting, a widespread issue in today’s market,”

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"Nitches provides a scalable way for strategic entrepreneurs to go to market with merchandise and branded materials that have already built an amazing audience."


Owner – Peace on Marz

Nitches is giving influencers and small companies access that normally is given only to the big brands. I feel great about taking advantage of this opportunity as it becomes more mainstream


Owner – Future Mega

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