Global Supply Chain Focused on our Manufacturing Partners

Our strategic partnerships across the Asia-Pacific region allows us to work with a consortium of manufacturing facilities that allow Nitches Corporation to always get the right manufacturing partners for your project at the most competitive price-points at the right levels of quality.

Nitches Corporation can assist you with all aspects of the manufacturing process. Our team has the ability to consult with your company from tech-pack blueprints to logistics and shipping. Nitches Corporation will be your strategic partner that will not only help your product quality, but will also enhance your bottom line.

Multiple Industries. Endless Products. Clear Focus.

Our key relationships are in the textile industry, but we also have access to electronics, furniture, leather goods and more.

Most clients require high end products and services at prices that they can scale appropriately for profit in markets around the world.

Nitches Corporation supports the quality of life demands your customer base requires, while not compromising quality and enjoying profitability for your business.

What sets us apart


Our objective is to identify business partners that are innovating outside of the box of what is currently trendy in the market. Nitches aims to find the diamonds in the rough before the world knows about them. If you stay tuned to Nitches Corporation, you will see and find brands that are on their way to the top of their verticals because of new tech, new concepts, and or state-of-the-art patents.

Investors Intelligence Hub

Our investors are able to benefit from the most amazing opportunities because of our shared intelligence. We feature great new products and corporate details featured here. From updated stock prices to feature business updates, you get a glimpse at future prospects here in the Nitches Corporation intelligence hub.

Business Model

Our business model is anchored in a long-term vision that builds on the heritage of our brands and stimulates creativity and excellence. The success of our company is due to this model.
The Nitches Corporation, as a company committed to excellence, we believe that our integrity and ethics are the most important thing. That’s why we conduct ourselves with exemplary integrity and ethics in the conduct of our business and in our relations with all stakeholders.

Ownership Verification System

NITCHES OVS and authentication technology could revolutionize the industry by putting an end to counterfeiting and allowing consumers to demonstrate their items are genuine.

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